My Story.

Coming out a long term relationship I knew I had gained conform weight. I decided I wanted to make a change. I started training at the gym and soon found that nutrition played a big part. Rather than get caught up in the complexities of how much of this I should have and how much of that I shouldn’t have I decided to keep it simple. Cook at home, by using a variety of easily accessible, affordable and well balanced ingredients.

I hated following complex recipes that require ingredients I have never heard of and over 300 steps to make. So, I decided to throw stuff together myself in the hope it would create some sort of an edible meal.

Videomeals started as a digital recipe book for myself. A quick and easy way to see what I wanted to make without the complexities. It wasn’t long until my friends started to cook my meals and here we are today.

I am not a chef, nutritionist, or an expert. Just a regular guy wanting to share my easy to follow quick; customizable meals.

Looking forward to seeing you on social!