3 Day Meal Prep – Quick and Simple

This video shows you how and why I like to create a 3 day meal prep. When I really got into fitness I realized how important it was to eat right. At first I thought I would be smart to create a 5 day meal prep, and by day 3 I started to get sick of eating the same food. Day 4 I noticed the food was starting to go bad. When I got to day 5, I had enough and pretty much had to force myself to eat what I had made as I didn’t want to waste food. That was when I decided I would stick to a 3 day meal prep.

Use This as a Guide

Before you go ahead and try to make this 3 day meal prep, note that while this may work for me it may not necessarily work for you. Use this as a guide to make something that works with your goals and taste. I am not a personal trainer nor am I a nutritionist so please consult a professional to determine your dietary needs.

Help Others

If this 3 day meal prep video helped you in anyway, it may help someone you know. I would appreciate if you could share it and hopefully we can help others eat healthy.