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Useful ingredients

Simple useful ingredients

Here is a list of useful ingredients you can combine differently to make a variety of meals. I generally buy frozen meat and fish as that way they last longer and won’t go bad. If you plan to eat them within a few days then you can also buy fresh.

This is just a suggestion and by no means do you have to go out and buy every item on this list.

Meat and Fish (frozen or fresh)

-Chicken breasts
-Salmon fillets or other types of fish
-Lean minced beef


-Frozen mixed Veggies
-Spinach leaves

Complex Carbohydrates

-Brown rice
-Brown pasta
-Whole Wheat/grain bread


-Mixed ground pepper
-Cayenne pepper
-Cajun seasoning


-Soya sauce
-Sundried tomatoes
-Almond milk
-Low fat greek yogurt
-Dry oats
-Cottage cheese
-Feta cheese