How To Shrink Your Fat Cells

How To Shrink Your Fat Cells

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Being so involved in the Fitness Industry has given me the pleasure of meeting some very educated professionals. The techniques and methods they described to me I have used over the years with great success. That being said, I wanted to share with you some of the amazing ways to minimize your Body Fat and encourage some stubborn fat to say “Good Bye!”

Sip Green Tea Before You Eat…

A hot cup of tea 20 minutes prior to a meal may help you eat fewer calories, as well as provide your body with ALA, an acid used to produce energy with your food. Better yet, Chinese white tea actually reduces the growth of new fat in the body and breaks down fat in existing cells.

Eat Grapefruit In The AM…

Grapefruit has an amazing ability to significantly raise the body’s metabolism. From eating grapefruit to the morning to simply sniffing it at the grocery store, there are many ways this simple fruit can improve your metabolism and fat burning potential. In fact, grapefruit scented essential oil is rising in popularity among individuals who want to more easily incorporate the fat burning benefits of grapefruit into their daily lives.

Eat Eggs For Breakfast…

I was told in one study, people who had two eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who had a carbohydrate based meal. Also, people who eat protein- and fiber-rich breakfasts have lower levels of hunger hormones later on in the day.

Always remember that the food you eat and the fluid you drink is incredibly powerful and can benefit you in many ways. Never underestimate a clean meal, a good lift, and a brisk walk or run outside!

Written By:

Timothy B. Roberts 


“Invest in yourself”