Save Money On Food – 4 Simple Tips

Save Money On Food – 4 Simple Tips

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When I first moved to New York, I learned fast how expensive food is. By expensive, I mean to a point that a pomegranate would cost $6. It’s crazy knowing that you can get a slice of pizza for about $2 but you have to spend an arm and a leg to be able to eat healthy. This takes the motivation completely out of cooking healthy.

Save Money on food

I did some research and found a few ways that will help you save money on food. Some are a little more obvious than others, but keep in mind that even saving just $20 a week on shopping will add up to over $1000 a year.

Plan your week

Planning your weekly meals will definitely help you save money on food, reduce the temptation to eat take out, reduce food waste, and simplify cooking.
-Keep it simple
-Use versatile ingredients you can incorporate in several meals
-Create a shopping list

I have an ebook available that can really help you plan your week. It includes 5 days of cooking with a shopping list, instructions and pictures. It also includes templates to help you plan your week. Check it out here.


Check the local stores website to see what specials they have or even coupons available for download. This will definitely help you save money on food. With most of my meals you can substitute different types of meats, poultry or seafood. For example, if I am using salmon in a particular recipe and you see tilapia on special, then go ahead and get it.

Don’t shop hungry

I am definitely guilty of this one. When you go shopping on an empty stomach, everything becomes tempting. The last thing you want to do is go shopping and come home with 20 packets of potato chips and a few chocolate bars.


Find times that the stores don’t tend be crowded, this varies from place to place but I find Sunday mornings particularly good. That gives you time to buy food, and even prepare a little for the week coming.

This tip may not save you money but it will save you a lot of time and reduce the stress of crowds. Particularly here in New York, if you go shopping around 12-1pm or 6-8pm weekdays be prepared to wait forever.

Hopefully these tips help you save money on food.
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  • Travis

    Great suggestions mate! I also find one thing that saves me money is stocking up on cheap healthy stuff like cans of chickpeas or lentils and frozen spinach. In Australia you can get 2 packs of frozen spinach, 2 cans of chickpeas and a can of lentils for $5!! If you spend this extra $5 each time you go shopping then you end up with loads of healthy stuff in the pantry if you need a quick dinner or lunch that you didn’t plan! Love the new website!!

    • Awesome idea, thanks for sharing. Great thing about your idea is that they last for such a long time so you don’t need to panic and cook it right away. Still working on adding much more content, once it’s finished I will very happy.