Steak & Cheese Salad

1- Cook about a 300g (0.66lbs) steak and season how you wish
2- On a plate add some mixed great leaves, 60ml (0.25cup) cucumber, 60ml (0.25cup) tomatoes, 60ml (0.25cup) red onion, 60ml (0.25cup) mushroom and 60ml (0.25cup) corn
3- Slice the steak and place on top with some shredded cheese

NOTES: I used skirt steak, spicy seasoning by @spiceninjaseasonings. Feel free to use any type of cheese, feta will also work. For dressing I like to leave it as is but some balsamic vinegar or a little extra virgin olive oil would also be good.

Servings 2
Approx. Macros: per serving
Kcal:445 Carbs:19g Fat:19g Protein:47g