Honey Mustard Salmon & Feta

1- Mix about a tablespoon of mustard, honey and chili flakes and brush it on the salmon and start cooking
2- Brush the honey mustard on the other side
3- Start cooking about 480ml (1.5 cups) of mixed vegetables and add some garlic, ginger, salt and pepper.
4- throw in about a handful of kale and continue to cook.
5- Garnish with some feta cheese

NOTES: I just used mixed frozen veggies to simplify the food prep. Feel free to use any vegetables you like.

1-Mezcla alrededor de 1 cuchara de mostaza, miel y chile en polvo y cubre con una brocha el salmón y comienza a cocinar
2-Cubre con la brocha del otro lado
3-Comienza a cocinar 480ml (1.5taza) de vegetales mixtos y agrega ajo, jengibre, sal y pimienta
4-Agrega un puñado de Kale y sigue cocinando
5-Como guarnición agrega queso Feta

Approx. Macros: based on 226g Salmon
Kcal:498 Carbs:46g Fat:32g Protein:50g