5 Day Green Smoothie Prep

1- Open up 5 large zip lock freezer bags
2- Place 1 banana chopped in each bag
3- Divide 2 cucumbers into 5 portions and add them to the bags
4- Cut up and place 1 celery stick in each bag
5- Cut up and place 1 kiwi in each bag
6- Cut up and place 1 apple in each bag
7- Cut up and place 1 carrot in each bag
8- Add a handful of spinach and kale to each bag
9- Squeeze juice from 0.5 lime in each bag
10- Add thumbnail size of ginger and some cayenne pepper to each bag
11- Freeze them
12- When making add about 600ml (2.5 cups) coconut water

NOTES: Feel free to add chia seeds or any healthy powders etc. Each of the packs is enough for 2 people

Serves: 5x2 servings
Approx. Macros: per serving
Kcal:241 Carbs:55g Fat1g Protein:6g