Quest Nutrition Prize Pack

Quest Nutrition Prize Pack

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I have tried so many different brands and types of supplements and know how confusing it can be to fully understand what works and what doesn’t, or what brand is better than the other. I have been a huge fan of QuestBars for the past three years and recently had the opportunity to connect with the awesome people of Quest Nutrition. They were kind enough to send me a care package with their full range of products for me to try.

I thought it was great that they had a variety of products covering everyday type of foods such as potato chips and even pasta! They even have a no flavor protein powder perfect to mix in with your recipes! Their mission to transform global health and eliminate obesity for good, resinates well with what I am trying to accomplish.

Long story short, I absolutely love QuestNutrition products and love the fact that they are working hard to find healthy substitutes for the everyday junk we put into our bodies. FYI, their Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars are sensational!

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Please note that this competition has ended and the winners have already been announced. More competitions to come soon!.

Felix J. Lopez
Katrice Oxendine

Quest Nutrition Prize Pack - Method 1

Quest Nutrition Price Pack - Method 2

Winners will selected Thursday 18th June. Please make sure you also check out and support Quest Nutrition! These Quest Nutrition prize packs are limited to U.S residents only.

  • Allie Patterson

    This looks and sounds AMAZING! !

    • It certainly is!

      • Allie Patterson

        I have never had it! I definitely need to, I trust your word :).

  • Rng3l

    Pretty cool! .. To bad is only US no international! :(

    • Thank you, unfortunately the international shipping costs are crazy expensive for a package this size. I will try get other prizes that are made available to international supporters

  • Great, I really like Quest products, especially the Cookies and Cream protein bars!

    • jen

      Thanks definitely going to try it!!!!!

  • Juju Bees

    I love Quest products. The PB protein powder is awesome. Also love the chocolate chip cookie dough, s’mores and mint chocolate bars are my faves

  • RoRo

    Love their products and would love to win the package. It would greatly help me with my weight loss journey!

  • Mayra Alexandra

    Fingers crossed! I’ve never tried them although I see QuestBars everywhere.

  • Janine Zaragoza

    This is awesome, good luck to all those who entered. But I sure do hope I win one of these packages. I’ve always wanted to try quest bar because of your videos on Instagram.

  • Ingvild

    I’m in, fingers crossed :)

  • Jessica

    My little girls and husband are absolutely crazy about anything quest makes. They literally have meltdowns when we run out. My girls that is. I would be mother of the year if I win these for them!!!!!!

  • Sabrina

    I really hope I get the chance to win and get some Quest products! Great job with the website!