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Take my money

How many adverts have you seen for miracle weight loss? Magic pills, slimming shakes, 5 minute abs etc… In my personal opinion I believe it’s companies and marketers that try to cash in on desperate people looking for a “quick and lazy” way to lose fat or get that great physique. I believe in a simple concept. “The more work you put in…the more you get out”.. as simple as that.

I am no expert

I am no nutritionist nor am I a personal trainer. I am still on my fitness journey like most of you. I can only speak from my experience. This section is by no means my attempt to share the secret of “weight loss or getting that great physique” it’s simply what I have done to get to where I am and hopefully it will help you in some way.

My story

To keep my story short, I came out of a long term relationship where I fell into the trap of “happy weight” (feeling comfortable enough not to care about appearance). Once we broke up, I wanted to come out positive and feel good about myself so the first thing I did was sign up for the gym. I had no idea where to start or what to do. So rather than guessing I decided to seek out a personal trainer to set me up with a program based on my goals and body type. Luckily for me a good friend of mine who I will introduce a little later is a qualified personal trainer and a nutritionist. He set me up with a series of programs to follow. From beginner workouts all the way to the more challenging ones in order for me to reach my goal. I can say without his help I would have either injured myself or would have given up. Below is my 14 month transformation picture. Note how depressed I look in the first photo.

14 Month Transformation
*I am not holding up a remote control, it’s actually just a flip case :)

My suggestion

In my opinion, forget about the TV commercials trying to take your money for a product you will use for about two weeks before hiding it under the bed. Get a gym membership and seek out a qualified personal trainer to set you up with a program. Keep in mind results come over time with hard work and perseverance.

The Journey

Mentally it’s very hard for people to start and continue. Most give up because they don’t see results. As you push on and continue to fight you start getting into a routine, things fall into place, results start to show and it becomes easier. This doesn’t mean you can take it easy, in fact you need to physically work even harder, however, mentally it becomes easier and you are motivated to push yourself further.

Introducing Tim Roberts

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tim Roberts for period of 5 years. Like me he is a very positive down to earth person. He is genuine and will always go out of his way to help his clients. Best and most important of all, he is fully qualified to give advice. Tim has an amazing story behind his weight loss and I see him as a fitness role model. Without him I doubt I would have reached my goals. For anyone looking for a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist I would highly recommend Tim. You can use the form below to directly contact him.

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