Dehydration – the symptoms to help you prevent it

Dehydration – the symptoms to help you prevent it

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A key component to a healthy lifestyle is hydration. Staying hydrated helps your body function. It’s important to know when you’re dehydrated so that you can replenish your body before the effects of dehydration start to show.


Dehydration can actually happen fairly quickly, especially if you’re not in the habit of paying attention to what and when you drink. There are different levels of dehydration, from mild to severe with each showing different symptoms ranging from dizziness to being hospitalized.

The image below shows the common symptoms to help you prevent dehydration.



Preventing dehydration is important and can be simple. Just a few small steps—including creating a helpful daily routine—can help you avoid becoming a victim of dehydration. You also need to listen closely to your body as it responds to daily activities—hot weather, extreme exercise. It’s also helpful to think about and remember some of those dehydration signs. That way you know that if you start to feel some of them, you can take steps to give your body the hydration it needs.


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