Is Dehydration Draining Your Employees?

Is Dehydration Draining Your Employees?

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At the workplace, you are likely to easily access to all sorts of different liquids including soda, juices, coffee, and tea. Among other things good old-fashioned water may the cure to day alertness and creativity and memory.

Put simply, water is vital to the brain and body, helping it function as it should. It can help with short-term memory, focusing on the cast, and being creative.

The body needs approximately 80 ounces (2.3L) of water every day, just to replace what’s lost from sweating, breathing, and other body functions.

Setting up hydrated work environment could dramatically increase productivity. A few options can include offering water stations, educating employees on the benefits of water, and how to notice signs of dehydration. This graphic can help you work toward well-hydrated, alert, happy workplace.

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