Dash – Supporters of Videomeals

Dash – Supporters of Videomeals

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Dash have been huge supporters of Videomeals and I am very thankful. I have been using Dash products for a little over year now and have never had a problem. Apart from quality, as a company they aren’t about pushing a product to market in the hope of generating a few bucks. They truly care about consumer wellness. They strive to create affordable products that make healthy cooking quick, simple, and affordable. They are innovative and best of all understand that people have different styles, hence their wide range of color options.

I have used the below products in my videos and often get asked questions about them, so I thought I would write up this article explaining a few things.

Dash Chef Series Digital Blender

This thing is a beast. All my blending videos feature this bad boy. The 1400 watts 2.25 horsepower motor is powerful enough to blend pretty much anything. Not once have I felt that the blender has reached its limits. Apart from the power, what I absolutely love about this blender is the digital presets. Throw your ingredients in and set it to whatever you want, be it; smoothies, purée, ice crush, frozen, or soup it does it all. Yes, I did say soup. Throw your ingredients in with some stock, set it to soup mode and not only does it create an ultra smooth soup consistency but it heats it up all in a about 4-6 minutes.

As I mentioned earlier DASH really make their products affordable. The Dash Premium Blender is much cheaper than any of those other major brands, yet I have no doubt about it stacking up in terms of comparison. Just check customer reviews on Amazon and see how much everyone just loves this blender.

Dash Digital Blender

Dash Rapid Peeler

This nifty little tool is awesome and saves you plenty of time. Not only does it peel a variety of fruits and veggies but it can also make zucchini pasta and shoestring fries. It’s battery operated and can be used anywhere. I have had this product over a year and am still on the same set of batteries. Although I must say I don’t use it on a daily basis. A few products I have successfully tested on the Dash Rapid Peeler include; potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, mangoes, zucchini, kiwi, cucumber and summer squash.

Dash Rapid Peeler

Dash Masha 2x

I have used the Dash Masha 2x only a few time but I must admit it’s very powerful. I have mashed up potatoes and a guacamole recipe. Cleaning the unit is a breeze, as the blades simply click off and can be thrown with the detached base right into the dishwasher.

Dash Masha 2X

Where to buy

Dash products can be bought from www.bydash.com or Amazon. They are also in a variety of major retail stores. If you are interested in any of the products that they have, feel free to contact me and I can see if I can you a discount code.