5 Great Ways To Burn Fat With No Jitters!

5 Great Ways To Burn Fat With No Jitters!

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Burn fat, without the jitters that accompany so many of today’s fat burner supplements. With just a bit of research and forward-thinking, these simple dietary tweaks will turn your body into a calorie burning machine throughout the day. Many of these natural fat burners are available for purchase online or at your local vitamin shop. Some of the fat burners listed below are ideal for use before, during, or immediately after a workout. Others, like green tea, can be enjoyed throughout the day for maximum calorie burning.

Sleep to burn fat. Before jumping in to natural fat burning supplements, it’s important to understand just how big a role sleep plays in fat loss and weight management. According to some studies, getting fewer than 5 hours of sleep each night can cause serious hormonal fluctuations, cravings for high calorie foods, and uncontrollable weight gain (i). So, take caution when taking supplements that are highly caffeinated or rich in other stimulants. Restrict consumption at least 8 hours prior to bedtime to ensure minimal disruption to your body’s natural sleep cycle.

Natural Fat Burners


If you want to burn fat fast during your workout, Pyruvate can definitely help. When burning fat its important to keep a constant intensity in your workout session and when the intensity drops, that’s when you’re likely to see a decline in performance and results.

Since pyruvate is a limiting agent to ATP’s cellular process, using pyruvate can be very beneficial in keeping your body optimized for burning that stubborn fat when you’re in the gym. While using pyruvate, I make sure to drink lots of water or Sports Beverage.

Typically, taking 1 gram of pyruvate for every 10 pounds of bodyweight you currently have is normal. Never exceed 30 grams of pyruvate, and make sure to follow any pyruvate product’s package directions to make sure you are using it correctly and safely.

Green Tea

Because of the Anti-oxidant Protection and Natural Caffeine, Green tea is an excellent supplement to take when doing cardio or strenuous exercise routine. It will speed up your metabolism and help you concentrate mentally when you train. Green Tea is a complete supplement and can definitely be taken by itself in extract form, generally ranging from 250 to 500mg per day.


Are you trying to lose fat and transform your body, L-Carnitine would be a great addition to your weight loss stack. L-Carnitine encourages a healthy environment for lean muscle growth and development, which means you’ll be helping your body get lean, strong, and defined. L-Carnitine is a NON-stimulant fat burner with the many other general health benefits.

In order to get the most out of using L-Carnitine, you’ll want to be sure you’re taking the right dose. Read the package instructions on the particular brand you’re considering and take as directed. Most people will do best taking 2-4 grams of L-Carnitine per day spread out over 2-3 doses and placing one of those doses near your workout time.


A naturally occurring lignan found in sesame oil. Research suggests that Sesamin can help maximize fat loss, support liver and kidney health and maintain healthy lipid profiles. This Non-stimulant fat burner is a great addition to any current weight loss routine

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

Looking for support to aid in lean muscle development? Then look no further. CLA uses stored body fat as fuel and promotes recovery from intense exercise. With added Immune system health, Anti-catabolic (anti-muscle-breakdown) and Anti-oxidant benefits, there really is no reason not to add a little CLA to you stack.

The actual serving sizes will vary for CLA depending on the product you purchase. But you’ll see the best-intended results by taking anywhere between 600 and 1000 mg per day. Be sure to read the package directions for the particular product you pick up and follow them accordingly.

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